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Hello! I have acquired many, many parts all brand new and perfectly legal off a brand new (1 mile on odometer) FIAT 500 SPORT. Before you get suspicious, let me tell you how I got these parts. I have a friend who is part of a small prototype engineering company. His company bought this car for their newest project. I can not tell you exactly what the project is. AGAIN PERFACTLY LEGAL....I have the TITLE! They literally pulled out the interior, engine, trans, air cond, Bose sound sys., radiator, air bags (4) I think, LETHER seats, heater ducts and blower and the ENGINE!! I have put the engine on a pallet and covered it so it's like a "crate" engine right now. I have every thing that mounts to the engine as well, the fuel-delivery system, windshield washer tank etc, etc, etc.... TOO many parts to list. Again, this car was right off the dealers lot and never driven! Because of my Internet experience and the fact that I have the time, he asked me if I could find a way to sell these new parts. The Prototype company is relatively small so after paying almost $18,000 for the car, they would like to re-coup some of the investment money if they can. Please contact me if you would like to purchase any part for a Fiat 500 Sport. Maybe you just want to up-grade the one you bought. I will listen to any offer for 1 part or all! I could even take a "package" deal if you want. I will add lots of pictures later today.